Does VR work and have application in the corporate settings?

Nowadays we are seeing more and more corporates use VR in a multitude of applications, here are a few of the more common:

  1. Showroom Experiences
  2. Events and Conferences
  3. Escapes / Abstract

Dymanic showcase at events

We’ve been working for years with VR and can certainly say while VR is impressive not just any VR will wow an audience these days. Try thinking about mixed reality, things like Microsoft’s Hololens is creating quite a stir and proving to be an excellent companion to showcase new products and services to customers.

Microsoft Hololens

VR nowadays are also equipped with lots of new accessories such as treadmills, suits that feel impact, even apparatus to make you fly! While there is a lot of this tech available,the next challenge you’ll have is getting it to London (Or any other city that your doing your event at). Shipping costs and times can be a nightmare but with a good plan a great game design and some excellent game development – there’s no reason why you cannot create something unforgettable.

Spend time researching the market and what’s available before pitching that new idea to the boss!


Creative Director Shaun has a huge background in game design and development especially with emergent technology such as VR and AR. He has worked for some of the biggest brands, delivering high quality experiences since 2008.

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