The BeefJack Group.

BeefJack was born out of my love of videogames. I really wanted to play something new, where the centre piece wasn’t action or an obvious revenge plot. Where the characters weren’t as superficial proxy tutorial vending machines. As the founder BeefJack I wanted to solve one question.

Q: How can we see more creative games in the games industry?

Not just games with a clever art style and new weapons, I mean games that are really different and unique. Nowadays thankfully we are getting more and more surrounded by them. We now call them indie, but it wasn’t always that way….

As a gamer, maybe now an indie game, but back when BeefJack had started indie wasn’t a thing. Bored of the ‘sequel-litis’ of the games industry, I began to crave new experiences from gaming. Infact as I spoke to my peers I realised that as we were maturing with games we were getting bored of the same mechanics dressed up with bigger and better missions.

In 2008, I set about building BeefJack, originally we made quirky flash games like Nimball: Rewind, Verminator , Hot Tub Heist (and dozens of unfinished / unreleased projects!), the success from these games ultimately lead us to incorporate the business later down the line, but for the time is was cool that people were digging our work. We received mainly for 4/5 reviews for the early BeefJack games.

The magazine we ran start off reviewing game oddities on the internet. As the site grew it’s readers appetite became a little more mainstream too. We began looking at PC and console games, shining the light on interesting games and curiosities there. 3 years later and it had a readership of 250k a month, our volunteer staff were being plucked by many major magazines and we even made a few innovations within that space that have been echoed by other magazines. We were influential.

2012 saw the blossoming of BeefJack, while we hung the hat of the magazine, it’s spiritual successor BeefJack Promote allowed us to achieve our goal even faster. For the next few years we positioned many indie games in the right magazines and opportunities, helping them find their voice, teaching how to communicate an experience without reference.

BeefJack Studio, later to be BeefJack Agency and Create, was designed to help anybody engage with an experienced game director and have an opportunity to have their profound voice heard and executed well within a game. This concept gave birth to lots of new and interesting IP at first from corporates, some by taking creative risks, using stories to touch hearts, using tech to ensure loyalty we’ve made some fantastic products. The indie’s came with something even more powerful, they added new passion, new knowledge and new ideas. Some of the early examples such as Iron Fish (one of very few fully featured underwater games.) Steam voted this game through greenlight in under 3 days! An incredible achievement for any game and a testament to new ideas.

A: Build ways for people with new ideas to create games

A: Find awesome unique games and promote them


-Game Design Wolf.

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