How gamification can help make your product more engaging?

How gamification can help make your product more engaging?

For starters, what is gamification? Gamification is the process of gamifying an non gaming experience product or platform that integrates game mechanics which motivates user participation, engagement, and loyalty. What does all this mean? In simple terms, It’s an design philosophy which allow users get more enjoyable & more value and hopefully to become regular user of your product. How can this be achieved?

Rewarding users well

What is the main user behaviour you want from your product? The designer will figure out the key user actions & incentivize these key actions. Within gaming is called the “game loop” and with the player would be rewarded for achieving certain actions and each reward the user feel he/she is progressing towards a goal. The designer will determine how these rewards systems are and what are prizes consist of (which are usually referred as achievements) & how often user is rewarded (prize ratio number). For an example If player is rewarded for everything, the user will soon lose the feeling of satisfaction. Also the motivation for the user to continuously actions is determined the goal and the user will need that they are progressing to that goal.

Rewarding users well makes a player feel good and encourage repeat & engaged usage. This is core foundations of gamification  building systems that reward and incentivize players, so they feel some accomplishment for these main actions & sense of progression doing them.

Ownership & investment

We want users to have sense of ownership. Typically this can be achieved by having user profile allowing users to express themselves and emotional investment comes with customisation to how they presented within the community. Here you can lie in the rewards system, showing the badges user has collected/achieved which has both taken time and effect to achieve feeling proud of their achievements. They call this Social Proofing which is effective way to get users invested using your product.   

Appealing to broad player types

It’s important that your product has multi experiences. With gamification, you are able to appeal & engage broad player types. There are 4 player types: Killers, Achievers, Explorers, Socializers (Read here if you interested to find more about this), each player type require certain feature types to meet the type of experience they enjoy. For an example, Achievers enjoy achieving goals & targets so badge system could a way to appeal to player type whereas socializers enjoy social interactions & forming relationships so having communication features would be engage this player type. By analysing user interaction data,

you see what player type is most engaged with your product and make decisions how to refine features to appeal to other player types more.

If implemented well, gamification products can highly appealing for player type if carefully considering user needs and the interactions they want to make within your product.

Meaningful social interaction

Important part of any digital community is social interactions. Users don’t want to too much communication or information which is common problem with social media platforms, this is especially the case with designing learning or employee performance platforms. The users want to have meaningful social interactions within the context of the product.

With Clash of clans, users join clans to battle against other clans and to form on battle strategies. Non-gaming apps like MyFitnessPal and Strava implemented social by sharing runs, personal records and competing for the top run, etc Strava is hugely popular fitness app with great success with their contextual & meaning socal elements.  



Gamification comes in to create in-app incentives for completing key user actions for positive user behaviour. If you’re interested in implementing gamification to a current project or making gamification product, please get in touch. We'll be happy to help, gamification is exciting with a great future.

QA Director Chris Jones has been working in the games and tech industry for over 10 years. Chris specialises in deploying QA strategy on complex projects combining this with automation techniques he has contributed to the release of some of the most cutting edge games and technical projects.

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