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Why work with a Video Game Consultant ?

Benefits of hiring a video game consultant

The General Benefits of Video Game Consultancy

Nowadays though business's can see great value in harnessing the power of games especially in areas of marketing and education. Whether it be for gamification, educational purposes like teaching a team health and safety or advertising an existing branding in a refreshing new experience more and more people are finding games and advergames a great tool for success.

  1. Better strategy means faster project execution & results 

  2. Access cheapest development rates across market

  3. Our unique design process means high quality results 

  4. You retain more control and direction over project

Games are all around us and now offer powerful ways to engage with new audiences, it can help find potential new customers in exciting new ways. Our video game consultants can unlock the power of your game and turning into the project you've dreamt of. 

The Commercial Benefits of Video Game Consultancy

Some common reasons businesses are designing games commercially with video game consultants:

  1. Branding and promotion

  2. Engagement and retention

  3. Educate and validate

  4. Generate additional revenue

  5. Audience insights with data capture 

  6. Gamification and data analysis

Most corporate video games and advergames tend to look for success from one to two items in the list. Beyond that becomes a challenge for most non videogame designers, juggling the business goals, stakeholders, creative, production can be a challenge. This is where video game consultation can not only solve the problems, but create new opportunities as well. Promotional game development is a great way to boost and social media and branding focused campaigns.

We consult on a range of different gaming topics, here are our areas of focus: 

  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • In-Game Monetisation Strategy and Analysis
  • Video Game Consultancy
  • Promotional game development for business
  • Educational game development
  • Game Marketing and Release
  • Audience Analysis
  • Outsource Management

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We work across different gaming platforms and occasional non-gaming applications of interest.

  • MAC /OS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Steam
  • WordPress / Web
  • Amazon
  • And more...

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