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Find game analysis, design notes, and inspirations on our live streams.

Each month we choose two games to analyse, interrogate and dissect it's inner game design and game mechanics. Join us during our next live stream and take part in the live analysis. This month's games are:

Apex Legends

General Notes

  • Forgiving battle royale game system
  • Tidied up the battle royale genre (solid example)

Gameplay Notes

Game Flow - Two distincts feels to gameplay (Looting, Attacking), compliments the sandbox nature of the game.

Active Tests

  • Disbalancing the team
    • Team sabotage
    • Win with no combat

Recent Streams

Dead By Daylight

General Notes

  • Really like Starbreeze Studios design bravery
  • 2 Games in 1 that meet / converge

Gameplay Notes

Game Flow - (IF) survivors will win, empty user experience for killer waiting for end game.

Recent Streams

Game Design Analysis Live Stream - Notes / Disclaimers:

  1. We are not comparing the two products together or against each other.
  2. This is not a review of any product but analysis of the game / experience design. 
  3. We welcome comments from everyone on our YouTube channel 
  4. We accept comments and annotations on our website from games industry professionals, please email contact@gamedesignconsultancy.co.uk if you'd like to take part in our live streams.

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