Shaun Leach, The art direction checklist

The Art direction checklist for indie game developers…

For nearly all small indie developers and designers we’ve worked almost all of them found it critically important to have an impressive and dynamic art style. With not that much experience, communicating great art throughout a project can be challenging. So how do you know when you have a great art style?

  • Planning Points
    • Did I make an Art Direction document with specifics of how game should look with examples?
  • Time Cost
    • How long will it take to finish all the art required in the game?
  • Resource Cost
    • How light are the assets going into the game engine?
  • Consistent assets in world
    • How are you ensuring all the assets in the game are consistent?
  • Concept vs Production
    • Concepts
      • Did you you them?
      • What of?
    • Production
      • How does it translate to the production assets and menus?
  • Clever Stuffs and cheats
    • Did you make/ use any tools to help deploy art? (Animation/character systems, shaders, Level Tools, etc)
  • UI and HUD
    • How did you ensure it’s easy to navigate?
  • Typography
    • Does it match the theme of the game?
    • How does it work in game ?

  • Marketing / Key Visuals
    • Do you know how your going to market this game?
    • Does the key Visual Convey the mood and emotion of the game?

So how did you do?

If you can answer 1 – 7 questions well, chances are your game will need some work later on down the road or after some review.

8 – 10 questions answered and we’re seeing probably something really special and amazing coming to fruition!

11- 12 responses and something fantastic on the way!

Of course there are always more ways and methods of appraising an art direction, get in touch and tell us about what methods you use.


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