Corporate & Commercial Game Design.

We are a purposeful game design company.

Our design philosophy is based around innovation, ingenuity and efficiency. Clever ideas shouldn't cost the world to execute.

For the uninitiated, there is an incredible amount of information to learn coming into the games industry. We offer new game designers and developers a coaching and support service to ensure their game receives the maximum results first time.  

Our Design Workshops

Understanding if you have all the core elements before developing a game is crucial. Not only to reduce cost, refine the value proposition and research the market, but how do you know if it even is possible?

Work directly with our Creative Director to mould and shape your game, aligning to budget, cost and feasibility. Workshops take place in London, normally happen over 2 hours where we discuss game ideas, research styles, game mechanics and explore ideas together.

The workshop is a great way to learn how design a game, but also ensure core goals and objectives are met along the way. Over the weeks coming into and speaking face to face, we'll deliver the following:

  • Game Design Document
  • All areas of production including¬† (art, mechanics, music and more)
  • Prototype
  • Production Plan (inc cost comparison)
  • Marketing Notes
  • Business Support (available on request).


Design Workshops Examine...

Art Direction

The look, feel mood atomsphere. understanding why we need the assets to be treated.

Game Design

Making things fun and progress over time. Ensuring the game is balanced and clever.

Narrative (Meta)

Creating and refining the purpose for playing. for rewards, story or other.


Understanding the best way to montise clients smoothly and naturally within the product.

Game Design Services

We can support new and experienced game developers and studios in the following areas:

  • Game design (design, preparation and documentation)
  • Games development
  • QA / Review
  • Corporate Game Design & Collaboration
  • Outsource Management
  • Business Planning

We support the creation of new indie game companies, if you're thinking of starting your own game company, we'll help you get up and running in no time at all. Speak to a consultant today to learn more about how we can help your game idea and business strategy.

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