Designing Advergames

What is an advergame? Advergames are games made with purpose of marketing & branding your company.  Allowing users new ways to interact & engage with your brand. Advergames use the interactive and social components of games to there advantage, here are some of the main benefits they offer to brands:   

Some common benefits of promotional game design

Positive brand interaction 

When done right, advergaming continuously and effectively exposes the brand to the player in a way that is neither aggressive nor invasive. Instead, playing creates a positive experience associated with the brand. 


Higher Engagement 

Users are engaged for far longer periods time than most other mediums like TV ads. 8x more engagement for higher customer conventions.


Advergames can create followers for your brand who could convert to loyal customers. The marketing feels intrusive, because it is up to the players to choose when they play and interact with the brand.

Raise brand awareness 

Users play games for fun and player’s levels of attention are high when they’re playing a video game. You can harness that power with subtle placements of your brand and product. A custom advergame can tell a story about your company in an unobtrusive yet engaging.

Advergame Examples

Over the last 10 years, Shaun Leach our game director has been developing and directing games -  working with businesses to produce engaging content.

He has had the pleasure of working with a number of corporate clients, enhancing and reviewing their existing portfolio of games, from gambling to action and taking part in many gamification projects along the way. We can accommodate site visits for review's, strategy meetings, etc or you can pop down and see us at our London location.

Celtic FC - Tic Flick

This commercial 3D swipe'em up football scoring advergame for iOS & Android platforms Made with collaboration from BeefJack Ltd, Allan Bennasi, Celtic FC. The advergame featured a easy to pick up mechanic swiping to kick the ball into the football goal with depth of mastering your swipe to get good curve shots to get pass the goalie. It serves as a branding and promotional exercise for Celtic FC

Game Director- Shaun Leach

Surf Ratz Game & Digital Comic

For this brief, developed a 2D shoot ‘em up platformer advergame for iOS & Android platforms as well as digital comic for Surf Ratz universe. Both products were made with the collaboration from BeefJack Ltd & Dentonator Licensing for the needs of marketing and retaining the community. Good fun for kids and big kids alike combining rats & surfing for a rad time!

Creative Director- Shaun Leach

Beat The Buzzwords

Developed a Web & Mobile quiz advergame using the LinkedIN platform challenging users of their knowledge of business buzzwords.  The concept was born out of the making fun out the overused buzzwords used with working professionals especially within the Tech & Marketing sectors.   This advergame was made with the collaboration of Oracle, BeefJack Ltd, Freemavens & Intel 

Game Director- Shaun Leach

Getting Started

We are happy to discuss your requirements. We conduct our Initial project assessment is free, we'll discuss what you want to achieve and create a consultancy plan / solution to work towards. If you like the sound of the plan and are happy working with us, we'll register you and begin invoicing. Get in contact today or visit the London office to learn more about how we can collaborate together.

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