Design Workshops

We specialise in turning game ideas into beautiful designs, prototypes and investor ready documentation.

You'll receive the assistance from our team of Artist's, Coder's, and Game Design Consultant's each week and explore your ideas, over webinar or face to face at one of our workshop locations.  

Game Consultation

A few of our popular specialities include: game design, game development, game marketing, monetisation and product testing. 

Our game design consultant and crew are here to solve technical and management problems. Providing onsite support, reviewing and optimising your game or studio as is needed. 

Development & Production

We love making things. Whether it's developing a game for an event or designing the next console hit. 

We have a design focused approach. Matching your game to the right audience is crucial for success, we'll help you home for your creation.

specialising in...


Corporate Game Design

Our Design workshops allow for even the most inexperienced gamers to come away with a game design that can disrupt the market.


Social Strategists

While our games resonate extremely well with western markets, our expanded team of partners work all around the globe, to provide constant feedback on local markets.


Monetisation Design

Getting a successful game to monetise well is a delicate art. Our expert team will help you decipher game analytics to build a winning strategy.


Mobile Game Design

We enjoying building complex things. Games is our first love, but you can often find us working on interesting applications or technology.


Audience Analysis

Understanding your audience is one of the most crucial aspects of getting your game off the ground. Our experienced team will get you to the right gamers.


Simple Reporting

Communication shouldn't be challenging especially with the project is confusing enough. We're here to ensure you stay in the loop of your game at every step.

Get in touch

We are here to help through all aspects game design and development and product release.

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